Gamers rate NHS track and Trace a viral hit

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Video gamers up and down the land have unanimously praised the latest offering to hit the virtual world with the release of the NHS: Track and Trace game. Remember when your city, town or village was brought to a standstill by groups of feral children attempting to find invisible Pokemon characters. This is far worse because it seems to be indiscriminate in who it infects from teenagers right through to pensioners with centenarian Sir Captain Tom Moore reported to be an avid if somewhat slow player.

Much in the same way that U2 downloaded free copies of their Songs of Innocence album onto Apple phones and tablets, in a marketing first, Serco has made this latest release free to anyone provided you have a mobile device with the latest technology. The aim of the game is simple, to locate and scan as many QR codes as possible.

Failed Dragon’s Den contestant, Ivan Idea, revealed “Quite why someone didn’t think of this before I don’t really know. Peter Jones would have been throwing money at it. It’s so simple, so infectious. Once you’ve got it you are often quite literally breathless with excitement. And it’s something with such a wide appeal that can be played anywhere, pubs, cafes, shops even churches are getting in on the act.”

Pausing for a moment to look up from his screen Ivan Idea continued “The only rule is to avoid scanning those QR codes that have already been captured by a Covid 19 positive person, an occurrence which will require the gamer to self isolate for 14 days. Or in the case of most people 14 hours at an optimistic estimate.”

Fearing that increased lockdown restriction due to be imposed on Nottinghamshire in the next few days will decrease his attempt to be crowned the national NHS Track and Trace champion, 56 year old Ivan Idea or ‘Eh up me Duck; as his in-game avatar is known will spend the next few days hunting down more QR codes in the Victoria centre where he finally hopes to reach level 2 or the upper floor as it’s known locally.

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