Man pretends he has driverless car by camouflaging himself


‘My wife always told me my dress sense matched the upholstery of my Austin Allegro’, explains accounts clerk Martin Wear, 49. ‘All I had to do was add the right shade of fake tan, and I just dissolved into the background as soon as I sat in the driver’s seat’.

Mr Wear enjoyed two years of freedom from traffic tickets as the invisible man.  Police do admit they found it strange that a British Leyland museum piece could have driverless technology, but they assumed it must be some kind of retro chic.

His cover was finally blown at a police checkpoint when a favourite song of his, ‘I’m the Leader of the Gang’, came on the radio, and he couldn’t help singing along and tapping to the beat on the Allegro’s square steering wheel. ‘I knew my devotion to Gary Glitter would get me into trouble some day’, he sighs.

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