‘Man In the Pub’ to lead new political party


Lingering regulars of the Bull’s Hitter’s Arms, Middletown, unanimously agreed at closing time last night that their mate ought to be leading the country. ‘All this waffle from politicians, who haven’t got their act together and haven’t got a clue.  There’s a bloke in our pub who’s got it all sussed.  He explained to us all last night exactly what needs to be done about this Covid stuff.  And about all these immigrants.  And Brexit.  And the economy.  And the environment.’


‘The other thing is what to call this new party’ said the mate of the Man in the Pub.  ‘We could just call it ‘The-Man-In-The-Pub-Party’ but somehow that seems to lack cred and and sounds a bit half-arsed, giving the completely false impression of merely being the deranged ramblings of some half-pissed ignorant old bigot down the pub.’

‘But at least we’ve got a party slogan, which was unanimously agreed right from the start: “Well, It Stan’s T’Reason, Dunnit?”.’

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