Stonehenge to be dismantled after planning permission irregularities


The future of world famous heritage site Stonehenge could be in doubt tonight after it was discovered that it was erected without the correct planning permission.

A holy temple erected by druids so that drunk, stoned, sex-crazed hippies could make fools of themselves on Midsummer’s Eve, dancing around like your gran after a Baileys at Christmas 5000 years later, has been a World Heritage Site for over 30 years.

Planning officers from Aylesbury council were contacted by local historian, pedant and meddling tosser, Gary Spooner, who has been studying the history of Stonehenge since he was furloughed from his job at the post office.

Mr Spooner claims Neolithic druids failed to apply for the correct permissions when they erected the henge circa 3100BC and has contacted the planning office on several occasions since the beginning of March.

A spokesman from Aylesbury Council told us there are no plans for the destruction of Stonehenge and that plans may have been submitted but we will never know since all planning records were destroyed in a flood in 1968.  He added that Mr Spooner had only started this ridiculous crusade since he was refused planning permission in February to covert his garage into a public S&M dungeon.

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