Manchester Hotspot: A recipe for disaster


In a classic edition of Master Chef, currently airing on every BBC channel, King of the North, Andy ‘Canary’ Burham and his arch rival Boris ‘Cockortwo’ Johnson have almost come to blows in their attempts to create a Manchester Hotspot that is equally palatable to both big mouths.

Favouring the slow cooked approach, Mr Burnham is convinced that what must be thrown into the labour intensive mix in order to make the ‘hotspot’ less bitter to swallow is maybe a little sweetener. Bojo, however, is insistent that a more conservative, slimmed down version of the same recipe, with far fewer tasty titbits, is the way to go.

What’s more, an oven-ready, almost instant version is Bojo’s preferred modus operandi as opposed to Andy’s more mature and inclusive list of ingredients. With temperatures rising and a kitchen curfew not yet taken off the menu, the question who will shed tiers first is still the hot potato of the day.

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