Covid positive minister fails to abuse restrictions


Labour MP for Bolton South East, Yasmin Qureshi, has been released from hospital after suffering the effects of covid-related pneumonia. The shadow minister for international development was admitted to hospital after following government restriction laws and self-isolating at home for two weeks.

Upon hearing the news, Sir Martin Havering, the Conservative member for West Hawtree, commented: ‘What a monumental non-abuse of privilege.

‘At home with her family, you say? The mind boggles! Obviously we wish the member a full recovery, but wouldn’t that be better achieved hundreds of miles away at a country estate in the Scottish Highlands? Does her constituency not have a rail link to London? Can she not type Barnard?’

‘Frankly, it’s embarrassing. This could not have come at a more inopportune moment, just as the government is finally proving to the world its untrustworthiness and willingness to override the rule of law a member of the opposition acts legally and responsibly.’

‘Matty-boy (Hancock) has been photographed cruising around in his ministerial car without a mask on. Will he be fined two hundred pounds? No! He’s simply fulfilling public expectation.’

‘Also, It’s a jolly inconvenient time to be perceiving northerners in such a positive, responsible light. You might as well write Burnham and his cronies a blank cheque.’

‘The member hasn’t let herself, her party, or her country down. This situation is truly unprecedented.’

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