Ozzy Osbourne tour cancelled or postponed or something like that


Fans of rock legend, self-proclaimed Prince of Darkness and Brummie coprolaliac Ozzy Osbourne, have expressed their disappointment after his latest tour was cancelled or postponed or something like that at the last minute. However, rumours that it was all to do with the bats he was due to bite the heads off being sourced from a wet market in Wuhan were denied.

Osbourne’s management further explained that it was nothing to do with the confusion over whether the latest tour was his last ever, a last ever, the last ever, a last ever for now, a last ever this year, a comeback, another comeback, a final comeback, a last ever comeback, a renal fightback, an Australian Outback, or a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Asked if he had a message for his fans, Osbourne told reporters that he was sorry for the confusion, but no matter how confused his fans must be feeling, they couldn’t possibly be anywhere near as confused as he was on a good day.

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