Newspapers struggle with headline for US election result

election 2020

The upcoming US presidential election has given newspaper editors across the world a headache: what to use as a headline the following morning when Trump loses

The Daily Mail, for example, is expected to come up with a pun on its favourite word, perhaps “Whitewash in the White House”

In stark contrast to that, The Guardian might run with “Trump dumped”, in a rare dabble with humour

The Sun, however, is torn between “Trump to challenge dodgy result” and “Sleepy Joe scrapes through”

Never one to miss an opportunity, the Daily Mirror might go for a double pun headline with “He was Biden his time”, with a smutty follow through of “Trump out”

The Daily Express is, unsurprisingly, to stick with a traditional theme: “Diana never liked Trump”

Because the election is so complicated, the Daily Star is likely to opt for a simple “Phwoar!”, and to cover the US election on Page 2

All papers lament, though that if only there were a simple one-liner, perhaps ironically connected to Trump’s former role as the host of the popular TV show “The Apprentice”.

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