Facebook user discovers ‘I’ll just leave this here’


Facebook user Carl Reynolds this week decided that ‘I’ll just leave this here’ is his new default accompaniment to each and every link he finds vaguely interesting.  It replaces ‘There are no words’, the construction he first noticed in 2015 and which became his favourite go-to comment for the next 18 months, sometimes expressed with full points between the words for added emphasis and occasionally alternating with ‘Wow. Just wow.’

Prior to that, Carl irritated many of his friends with his repeated use of the single word ‘This’, the arrogant assumption being that ‘this’ was somehow enough to get people to drop what they were doing and read whatever bit of bollocks that had recently come Carl’s way. Over the years, Carl was also an infuriatingly enthusiastic adopter of the ‘je suis…’ and ‘we’re all…now’ constructions.

Once Carl discovers ‘I can’t even’, it is believed he will have become the first Facebook user to have successfully deployed every lazy Facebook meme currently in circulation.

You’re welcome.

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Posted: Nov 4th, 2020 by

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