Rishi Admits, “There’s No Business Like No Business.”


‘There’s no business like no business  like no business. I know.
Everything about it is appalling, everything that Cummings won’t allow
Nowhere could you get that fiscal feeling, when you are stealing the next furlough

There’s no people like Gove’s people, they smile when you are low
Even with a turkey that’s no use to you, Christmas Day you might have the ‘flu,
Still you wouldn’t bet against the CV too, it’s all one big shitshow.

The butcher, the baker, the grocer, the clerk
Are openly unhappy men because
The butcher, the baker, the grocer, the clerk
Have all retrained – but no applause.
They’d gladly bid their dreary jobs goodbye for anything rewarding and why?

There’s no business like no business. And I tell you it’s so.
Locking down in Tier 3 ain’t so thrilling, listening to Johnson’s latest lies,
Dreading as you watch the panic buying, and then you slowly start to realise …

There’s no people. Just no people. The streets are empty and slack.
The EU says Frost’s last deal must have been crack, and when Trump loses, Biden won’t call back,
Oh, where could we get money that we don’t give back? It’s all one big shit show …
It’s all one big shit show.’

(With apologies to Irving Berlin. Now, in your best Ethel Merman voices … all together … )

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Posted: Nov 4th, 2020 by

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