Five Go Dobbing In The Neighbours

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The children were bored. Julian, Dick, George and Anne sat forlornly on the sea wall, while Timmy lay beside them licking his doggy treats. How they longed for those far off adventurous days. The time before the pandemic. If only their home made raft had made it to Wuhan. They would surely have thwarted those sinister Chinese scientists and stopped them from releasing their deadly virus.

As it was excellent adventures were just a distant memory. How they longed for some evil Russian spies trying to interfere with the Town Hall elections and daubing nerve agent on the door of the sweet shop. All they had now was the occasional dingy washing up on the shore carrying more suspicious foreigners, and although they reported them to the Coastguard, it was after all not permitted to have inflatables in the water when the lifeguard wasn’t present, it wasn’t the same as a full blown dangerous mission to Skull Cove.

“Come on.” said Julian suddenly. “Let’s see who’s breaking lockdown restrictions.” “Yes let’s.” said Anne. “Wizard!” said Dick and George together.

A little while later they were patrolling the residential part of town. They had almost given up hope of snitching on someone when they came across a very strange sight indeed. Outside one house were three ladies. One was dressed as a nurse, one as a housemaid, and the other as a dominatrix. Julian remembered that word from a magazine he’d read. A man opened the front door and the three ladies went inside.
“Quick, Julian.” said Anne. “You must report him, although he does look British.”

Julian said it didn’t matter. Whoever you are the law is the law and whatever was going on it didn’t involve a support bubble. He crossed the road to the bright red phone box, lifted the receiver and dialled 999. He was put through to police headquarters and spoke to a lady policewoman. He reported what they had seen and gave her the address.

When Julian emerged from the phone box the others wanted to know what had been said. “This police lady was very grateful we had called. She has told us to watch the house until she gets here.” “How exciting.” said Dick. “Certainly is.” replied Julian. ” She said when she gets hold of the two-timing bastard she’s going to nail his f*cking balls to the bed post.”

“This is turning out to be a great adventure after all.” said Anne. “Ginger beer all round!” “Hooray!” they all shouted.


Doctor Chutney

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