Remainers ready to call for second US election


Donald Trump has found an unlikely ally in his fight to have the election overturned and replaced with Mad Max III. British Remainers insist that the election was stolen and any result that the minority dislike is instantly null and void.

A Trump Exit (Trexit) looks likely. It may not be an oven ready Trexit but it certainly looks like Trump’s goose is cooked; and there is a real sense that Joe Biden cheated by getting more votes.

Said one EU beret wearer: ‘I don’t like Trump or his politics but hate even more the disruption of power. I fanatically adore the status quo so much, that I’ve got a twelve inch tattoo of Francis Rossi on my back.’

When asked if he would respect the vote yet remove his friend Trump, Nigel Farage instantly tied himself into a Gordian knot. Filled will self-disgust, Gina Miller has agreed to become Trump’s fourth wife. While one protester assured reporters that it was all about preserving democracy: ‘Voters were uninformed and they were lied to. Who cares if that’s true of every election since the dawn of time?

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