Trump to star in Home Alone 5

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The original franchise featured Macauley Culkin as a spoiled child who foils the efforts of burglars to break into his house by putting down ball bearings and similar childish traps. Culkin is now too mature for the role, so producers have turned to Trump.

In Home Alone 5 Donald J Trump will try to outwit some dastardly State officials who want to prise him out of the White House. Trump and his lackeys will manage to loosen the wheels on the presidential chair, swop all the keys around on the presidential keyboard, remove all the lightbulbs from the oval office and put a dead rat in one of the office drawers.

But dogged officials will then come after him with nets, stun guns and, please God, assault rifles and he will bamboozle them with wily cunning, hiding naked in the Orange Room before being grassed up by Melania.

Home Alone 6 will follow a similar plot but in the State penitentiary, when Trump’s character will have to avoid the attentions of Fat Eric, his cellmate.


Hat-tips Mick Turate and Midfield Diamond

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