Biden Frantically Looking For Expert To Teach Him “Twitter”

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As the excitement of the US Presidential Elections starts drawing to a close, the Democratic Party is seeking a Twitter expert, it has been revealed.

It appears their Presidential candidate lacks the knowledge and skills to undertake a major part of the role of the modern “President”.

One senior party member pointed out “He doesn’t even know where the CAPS LOCK key is, and the last time he blocked anyone was on the white house basketball court in a one-on-one with Obama.  He’s really not ready for this’.

Whilst in theory he has several “transition months” to gain these new skills, major problems have arisen with Twitters Terms & Conditions. The current incumbent enjoys exemptions from virtually all Twitter T&Cs. But it remains unclear whether a “President Elect” would enjoy similar exemption. As one commentator put it “How is he going to learn how to post daily abuse if all his training posts just result in his account being blocked?”

Biden can take some solace from the fact that his predecessor’s was also largely ignorant of Twitter conventions – for Trump a subtle subtweet is where he calls someone a TOTAL LOSER only three times in 280 characters. Biden has a steep learning curve ahead, but is thought to be doing some background research into issues such as WHEN THE POLES CLOSE. And Covfefe.

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