Trump accidentally and repeatedly sues himself


Washington DC 7th November 2020: Soon to be ousted President Donald J. Trump has a new electoral villain in his sight – and it’s himself.

‘I’m going to sue the ass off him’ complained Trump ‘There’s a schmuck who suggested that people suffering from the China Virus should inject bleach or drink disinfectant – he cost me many billions of votes.’

Also in Trump’s sight is another ‘lunatic’ who thought it was a good idea to ‘Grab a woman by the pussy – this also cost me trillions of votes and I look forward to seeing him in court’ added the exasperated former president.

Trump has additionally cited hundreds of other ‘idiots’ he has vowed to sue including those who promote election fraud, deny climate change, want to withdraw from the WHO, close the CDC , leave NATO, sack prominent federal servants such as Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, denigrate Greta Thunberg and promote fossil fuel exploitation.

‘I mean there are so many – and I mean the most of any president ever in history – now or in the future – wants to sue ‘BIGLY’ – and I will win in a comprehensive and beautiful fashion that will cost me billions. THAT WILL TEACH HIM.

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