Trump outlines arguments for legal challenges to election result


Lawyers representing President Donald Trump have outlined the reasons why he believes he has a strong legal case to challenge Joe Biden’s claim to have won the US presidential election.

“It is clear from the votes that have been counted that Mr Trump lost the popular vote in this election and therefore he should still be president, as that is what happened when he lost the popular vote four years ago,” his lawyers said. “By claiming victory just because more people voted for them the Democrats and bringing this wonderful American system of the loser winning into disrepute.”

Moving onto Mr Trump’s call for recounts, the lawyer said that Mr Trump believed mistakes must have been made as people would have run out of fingers and toes to help them count.

“Mr Trump says counting above 20 is a hard thing to do as people only have the fingers and toes that God gave them,” his lawyer explained. “He himself struggles with this and believes that forcing people to continue to count votes for Biden is leading them to make imaginary totals above 20.”

Finally, on the fraudulent voting allegations, Mr Trump’s lawyer said that witnesses had seen many people actually voting for somebody other than Mr Trump. “He simply cannot believe that anybody wouldn’t vote for him,” the lawyer said. “Any vote not for him must surely be a fraud.”

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