US Presidential Election referred to VAR


Joe Biden’s bid to become the 46th President of the United States is on hold, not due to former president Donald Trump’s insane ramblings about election fraud, but because the Video Assistant Referee is taking a look at the footage.

With celebrations well under way at what appeared to be a clear-cut decision to award the presidency to Mr Biden, VAR is once again doing its best to spoil the enjoyment for everyone. Under the guise of reducing controversy by ensuring the right decision is made, VAR is causing massive delays while everyone wonders what is being looked at exactly, thereby adding to the controversy.

Perhaps there was a spot of foul play, perhaps someone failed to stay onside, perhaps there was a spot of pussy-grabbing off the ball. Whatever may have happened, it is VAR’s purpose to detract from the delight of the occasion while pretending to eliminate clear and obvious errors.

BT Sport viewers have been treated to the opinion of former referee Peter Walton, who is such a sycophant to the current crop of referees that he is sitting on the fence until a definitive decision has finally been made, at which point he will agree with it.

It is hoped that VAR will confirm the original decision to award the presidency to Joe Biden within days or possibly weeks. However, there remains the possibility that it will award a penalty to Manchester United instead.

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