Corbyn didn’t shoot the sheriff but he did annoy the Board of Deputies


Labour’s ex-leader has had his suspension revoked, much to the chagrin of his detractors from across the political spectrum; including centre-right, right of centre and turn right at the nearest roundabout. Meanwhile famed lawyer, Sir ‘Keith’ Starmer, has balked at the idea of a court case which might lead to further controversy – or ‘facts’ as he calls them.

Already 20 points ahead in the polls (if you discount the Conservative Party), Mr. Starmer has promised zero tolerance when it comes to credibility. The recent EHRC report had damningly accused the Labour leadership of interfering with disciplinary processes, following which, Sir Keith sprang into action – by instantly interfering with a disciplinary process.

One party member said: ‘Keir’s simultaneously annoyed left and right wingers, while managing the painful contortion of decisively looking confused. He’d promised to unite the party, which he has – we’re all disappointed in him’

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Posted: Nov 18th, 2020 by

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