Middleman says Middleman giving Middlemen a poor name


With millions of UK taxpayers cash being paid to intermediaries for the purchase of PPE, attention is focussed on the role of Middlemen in fulfilling Government contracts.

That’s a situation long time Middleman, John Smith ( not his real name ), says is unacceptable “This Spanish geezer kicking off in the courts makes us all look bad. This job’s not rocket science, unless you want propulsion fuel ‘cos I do know a guy. Look, if you’re going Middle for Diddle, put A in touch with B, keep your head down and trouser an obscene amount of dosh in the process.”

It now appears the Equality and Human Rights Commission have waded into the argument. “We should be talking about this in a gender neutral way. Middlepersons? Middle people maybe?”

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Posted: Nov 19th, 2020 by

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