Bucket list fails to mention new bucket


With an economic downturn predicted, people need to be more realistic with their unrealistic ambitions. A bucket list that lacks a bucket, is clearly not prepared for a bleak Covid scenario where we might have to harvest rainwater or improvise an eye-less helmet.

Most bucket lists fall short on essentials, like extra loo paper and badger traps. Individuals are wasting valuable wishes wanting to bungee jumping from a hot air balloon, when they need to focus on the basics, such as affordable shelter or something unaffordable in the London area.

Explained one business leader: ‘Yes, we all want to climb Everest but how about some low hanging fruit first? Like remembering to put out the bins. Anyway, everyone knows swimming with dolphins is just a euphemism for sex with a porpoise.’

The Department for Health said people should be pragmatic with their bucket list – so stop asking for the impossible, like a Unicorn burgers or a functioning Track and Trace App.

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