Netflix ask Boris to affirm that the Government is fictitious

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Netflix executives are growing increasingly concerned about signs that the public might regard Her Majesty’s Government as an actual government rather than a televised drama.

“The production values are great, apart from hair and costume, obviously”, said a spokesman. “There are plenty of clues in the script that this is fiction – implausible ‘science’, characters breaking the law with impunity, the Home Secretary being pleasant and gracious towards her staff, those billion-dollar deals with literally no paperwork – stuff which could only happen in Hollywood. Or Westminster”.

The series’ creator, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, has admitted to a ‘sly satisfaction’ on learning that people are taking the show seriously. “We might have a vaccine for Covid, but there will never be one for stupid”, he said. “And thank God for that, or I’d never get laid. Tally ho!”


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