Man travels thousands of miles to eat at ‘Best Kebab’, left furious

best kebab

An Australian who flew over 21 hours from Sydney to London to sample the world’s greatest kebab is incandescent with rage after dining at the takeaway on the outskirts of Luton.

Greg Leach spent thousands on the two-way ticket after mistakenly thinking ‘Best Kebab’ would live up to its name, despite its 1-star rating on Google and questionable hygiene standards.

“I thought I was going on the culinary trip of a lifetime,” said the 36-year-old food fanatic. “Instead, all I got for my £4.95 doner with garlic sauce was violent diarrhoea. The ambience of the store could also have been better.  Minutes after I placed my order, a fight broke out. I assume it was over the quality of the food”.

Despite the crushing disappointment, Greg is giving the local cuisine one more try.  “There’s a shop a few doors down called ‘Best American Pizza’ where I’m sure I’ll have a completely different experience”.

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