Vaccine rollout delayed after DHL throw first batch over gate

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The rollout of the covid-19 vaccine in the UK has been delayed after a DHL delivery driver threw the first batch over the gate, before sticking a “sorry we missed you” card through the door and driving off.

A selection of 50 hospitals across the country were due to start administering the jabs from Tuesday, but this will now have to be pushed back while another shipment, which is not smashed to pieces, comes through.

“We were expecting the delivery and were all waiting for it, with the cold storage prepared for us to get the vaccines into as soon as they arrived. Then we saw a blur of movement outside, heard a squeal of tyres and when we went out we saw a DHL van disappearing around the corner.” said Mark Lucas, who is in charge of the vaccination programme at an unnamed hospital.

“We found a dog-eared note through the door saying that nobody was in and our delivery had been left in a safe place behind the gate. Which is about eight feet high. When we opened the container it was mostly full of broken glass. I’ve now been on hold for over three hours trying to report it to DHL.”

The first consignment of the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine arrived in the UK last Thursday, after a meticulously planned supply chain operation which took into account the need for it to be stored at extreme low temperatures. Unfortunately this operation culminated in the delivery being put in the hands of a driver who had 120 other drops to do to hit his target that day and was running behind.

DHL have apologised for the incident and said that lessons have definitely been learned, insisting that any future deliveries would definitely not be roughly thrown over gates and would instead be carefully placed behind the bins.

“It’s pretty cold at the moment, so I’m sure the refrigerated containers will be fine outside for a couple of days.” said a spokesman.

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