Man loses soul after failing to read Minutes of last meeting

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Harry Reeves (32) inadvertently condemned himself to an eternity in the fiery lakes of Hell, by failing to pick up on an outstanding agenda item from the last meeting. Sadly for Harry, there was a clear action point attributed to the marketing department, specifically for a ‘Mr. Reeves, Mr. L.Ucifer and his horny minions’.

When asked how he had volunteered for damnation, Harry replied: ‘When the Chair asked had we read and agreed with the minutes, we all said yes and waved it through. I didn’t know she meant literally. Who reads the Minutes? No one. Well, I suppose grammar pedants do. But I’m sure they already have their own special layer of Hell reserved’.

As he was escorted out of the building by two burly demons, Harry looked resigned: ‘It turns out someone tagged on an extra agenda item to the AOB. Ironically, I think it might have been me. I don’t know, I wasn’t paying much attention’.

Satan confirmed: ‘Look, the Devil was in the detail, we all know that’

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