Brexiteer demands Full English Breaksit


‘You see, you’ve got your continental breaksit – glass of juice, croissant, maybe a slice of yesterdays ham and a bit of rubbery cheese; bit of jam, and decent coffee, I’ll give you that.

Then, you’ve got your Full English Breaksit- a glorious, piled plate of bangers and bacon; choice of eggs, scrambled, fried, poached.  You’ve got the fried bread. Baked beans, in their own little bowl if you’re being posh. Black Pudding, mushrooms, tomatoes – I prefer tinned to fresh, but to each their own.  You’ve got your regional twists too, bit of White pudding, maybe Haggis, Lorne Sausage, a potato farl. Hash Brown, that’s equivocal.  Toast, white or brown, don’t matter, but it has to be proper butter. And your sauces – the old chestnut of HP or red (HP for me, but again, we’re a broad church, though don’t come near me with barbecue or mayonnaise).

Now, you look at any menu, and I’ll tell you this for nothing – Your Continental Breaksit is a cut price, cheapo, disappointment of a compromise way to start the day.  And your Full English, that’s your more expensive, premium, belting top-of-the-shop, set you up a treat.

And that, my friend, is why we’ll win.’


…after the heart attack


(hattip Griffin)

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