Scandal as Arsenal crowd cheering discovered to be recording of Spurs fans


BT Sport and Sky Sports coverage of Arsenal games both offer options to listen to canned cheering during games, but viewers have actually been hearing recordings of Spurs fans.  It is understood that both sports broadcasters dedicated a great deal of time to finding an example of crowd noise from the Emirates Stadium, but could not come up with anything which could be described as ‘atmospheric’ going back 14 seasons.

Stalwart Arsenal fan and dedicated Gooner, Reg Wilkins complained:  ‘It’s outrageous and disgusting.  They could have used cheering from Newcastle… anything but flippin’ Spurs fans.’

FA Chairman Greg Clarke was philosophical about the whole debacle.  ‘It’s a good job Stoke City aren’t in the Premiership at the moment, because they wouldn’t be able to find any crowd noise that doesn’t contain a solid 90 minutes of sweary chanting and filthy language.’

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