Transition from Trump to Biden finally accepted by satirists


As the Electoral College voted to confirm a Democrat victory, the world’s satirists have finally accepted that Joe Biden will be the next president of the USA, and that their days of having Donald Trump practically spoon feed them jokes will soon be over.

‘I’ve got a lovely Trump vs Star Wars parody nearly ready’ said one mournful scribe, ‘about this Darth Vader guy, who just wants to make the Empire great again’.

Confessed another caustic scribbler: ‘We were spoiled by Trump. All we had to do was read his tweets, and then translate his utterances into something slightly closer to actual English, so that readers could almost understand them, and then ‘tone them down’ a notch or two so that they became almost credible as anything which the first citizen of a leading nation – or at least, anything which a more-or-less sentient being – could credibly have ever uttered.’

‘Whereas, with Biden, satirists’ greatest worry is likely to be the difficulty of staying awake until the end of any statement he makes.’

Others were happier however. ‘I’ve spent the last four years having my craziest, stupidest lines made to look dull by comparison with what Trump actually does’ said satirist Anne Jones.  ‘Just last week he said that he’s the best and most gracious loser in the world.  What can you do?  At least Biden offers no competition.’

Still, most of the jokesmiths we found loitering in internet chat rooms, or sleeping on park benches, were downcast. And when wet suggested that they should simply be happy that the world would be a calmer and more stable place with Biden in the White House, they replied: ‘What? You’re having a laugh, ain’t ya?’

(hattip Titus)

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