Manston Airport to Feature on “Four In A Bed”


Kent’s Manston Airport has been selected as one of the properties to feature on Channel 4’s “Four in a Bed”, where hoteliers from across the country visit each other’s establishments and review their stays.

Billed on the programme as “Kent’s Newest Hot Destination”, upon arrival the other guests were given the keys to an 18-wheeler, a sleeping bag, an empty two-litre coke bottle, and a jalfrezi donated by the local Sikh community.

Next morning, in a field transport café set up in the terminal building, the group met to discuss their stays. ‘It’s a touch rustic,’ said Bob Finch, owner of the Bluebell B&B in Weston-Super-Mare. ‘I expected better facilities if I’m being honest. No TV, the radio would only get TalkSport, and the closest thing to a book I could find was a UKIP leaflet.’

Martin York, proprietor of the Seacrest in Hunstanton, was a touch more positive about his cabin. ‘Well, I loved my stay,’ he interjected.’I heard cabin when we were coming here, and I thought it would be a glamping kind of thing, like a yurt or tepee. Instead it’s like a caravan! Plus you would have found plenty to read in my place Bob, provided you could unstick the pages to actually look at the articles.’

Third competitor Theresa Harding was not available to offer her opinions as, upon hearing a rumour the border would reopen, her driver had left at 4am to try and reach the Channel Tunnel before the queues formed at the testing stations.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, interim manager of Manston Airport’s accommodation, was delighted with the feedback from the show. He remarked:’It shows that this Conservative Government really can organise and deliver quality that satisfies everyone. Now, I’m not going to be here for the next couple of days as I’m off to review Martin’s place. I hear his breakfast eggs come from local hens. So, as everything’s going so well, I’m putting Chris Grayling in charge while I’m gone.’

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