Doing what was ‘talking Britain down’ is a win or else ‘you’re talking Britain down’


The Project-Fear-made-flesh Trade Agreement that commits the UK To onerous provisions that used to be ‘nay-saying’ is a massive triumph, and saying otherwise is ‘nay-saying’, confirm Brexiters.

‘How dare you pessimists say we’ll have a border on the Irish Sea, N.Ireland wedded to the EU, £7b+ per year in non-tariff barriers, no access for Services, robust LPV, a crap deal on fish?” said Brexiter, David, “And, now it’s happened, how dare you pessimists say it’s not a success?’

‘Sterling dropping, manufacturers moving to the continent, price increases, a plunge in UK investment, international reputation trashed…all an attempt to spook the public, and, now, a hard-won victory.’

‘Hail the conquering heroes…and any of you scaremongers who said otherwise should be glad we got out just before the EU implodes…imminently…anytime now…well, soon…in 5 years…or 10 maybe…you know, eventually…I mean, one day…’

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Posted: Dec 26th, 2020 by

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