Queen maintains an ‘unamused silence’ as conjecture continues over her age


Over the years there has been conjecture regarding the age of The Queen. Many scholars argue that although she was born in 1926, having a couple of birthdays each year actually makes her 188 years old.

Other experts point out that because she only started having official birthdays as well as natural ones when she became monarch in 1952, she is actually only 162 years old, and any claims that she is 188 years old are ‘utterly ludicrous’.

Nevertheless, Her Majesty is reported as being ‘not amused’. She has also declined to confirm or deny any of the conflicting assertions regarding her age on the perfectly reasonable grounds that ‘A lady does not reveal her age’.

Meanwhile her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, is apparently unable to remember how old he is but asked reporters to tell him when he reaches 100 because when the day arrives, he fancies ‘going out and getting utterly pissed, regardless of what the missus says, provided I can find where she’s hidden the keys to my Range Rover.’

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