Police seize collection of knives from terror suspect’s kitchen


A Birmingham man is being detained by anti-terror police after a raid on his home uncovered a ‘horrifying’ array of weapons, which included steak knives, a hammer, and an 8-inch serrated blade which the man claimed was ‘for cutting bread’.

The early morning raid took place after an anonymous call to the anti-terrorist hotline had alerted police to a man ‘hanging around looking all foreign and shifty’. Officers from the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) then detained a man in his 20s while they searched the property.

‘We started in the kitchen and immediately found a set of six steak knives, in plain view, that could do some real damage. It very quickly became clear that we had something serious on our hands.’ said one of the officers involved, ‘The search turned up other sharp knives of various sizes, a rolling pin, a couple of hammers, and some nasty looking chemicals under the sink. The suspect claimed that a lot of these implements were for use in cooking, but we’re not buying it. We’re dealing with a young man living alone here, who in their right mind would believe he has steak knives for innocent purposes?’

The arresting officers now wish to detain the man, who cannot yet be named, for the maximum period allowed, after further weapons were discovered in his garden shed; including shears, a strimmer, and a chainsaw.

‘We need to ascertain whether he was working alone or acting as part of a wider plot, as we’ve found enough weaponry to equip a small army.’ continued the officer acting as spokesman, ‘The search also uncovered a computer, which would have been capable of accessing terrorist materials online, and a mobile phone, which he could have used for contacting other terrorists, and arranging terror-related activities.’

No evidence of terrorist materials has so far been found on the computer, leading to speculation that the man is an IT expert, who is extremely proficient in covering his tracks. This has not stopped the officers involved in the case being deeply affected by the raid though.

‘I’ve been in this job for 25 years and sometimes things still shock you. It’s clear that this man is extremely dangerous, and this incident really highlights the value of these tips from the public.’ admitted a sombre Det Chief Supt Kenny Bell, of West Midlands police, ‘I think this is the worst case I can remember since we raided a garden centre, again acting on an anonymous tip off, and discovered enough Calor gas and fertiliser to make a bomb of enormous size.’

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