First new Brexit passport holder discovered to be an illegal immigrant


Dover locals have expressed outrage that, due to numerous administrative errors, local resident Makimba Moses has received the first new blue-ish Brexit, while awaiting deportation for being an illegal immigrant. Moses, who has already received £250,000 from the Windrush scandal and £30,000 from the Grenfell Tower fund, said he was delighted by the honour, before being escorted by Border and Customs officers to a nearby detention centre and promptly released.

Dover resident Clive Jenkins commented: ‘This is what leaving the EU was all about, the ability to issue these passports to whoever we want, in the colours we want.’ He then proceeded to completely ignore Mr Moses apart from a brief comment on the weather. No one from the Government was available for a comment, but Labour Leader Keir Starmer said: ‘I’ve been saying for weeks that we should threaten to deport and then welcome illegal immigrants as British citizens. It’s a pity I wasn’t listened to then. As ever, with this Government, it is too little, too late’.

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