Starmer: Government has called lockdown too soon already not enough early late


Taker of the Opposite Position Keir Starmer is spending the evening in quite the consternation as the Government have done exactly what he would have done, when he would have done it.
In preparing his speech for the forthcoming debate in the House of Commons, Keir has got himself in rather a knot as he simultaneously berates Boris Johnson for being late in going too far, but precipitous in achieving not nearly enough. “The Prime Minister’s actions are clearly wrong-headed, muddled and self-serving whilst failing to show leadership, hiding from responsibility, claiming the limelight and failing in his duty.
In conclusion, its an utter disgrace that this excessive and premature lockdown didn’t start much earlier, that it isn’t already in effect and shouldn’t begin until due notice has yet expired. Whenever we should be advised that should be, but yesterday at the latest and certainly not before next weekend.”

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