Homes under the hammer criticised for ‘too-literal’ soundtrack choices

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The producers of the BBC’s ‘Homes under the hammer” TV property programme are facing criticism for their choice of accompanying soundtracks which many viewers are finding ‘Far too literal’.

Concerned BBC viewer Reginal Hunter noted ‘Looking back a year-or-so ago, it was common to hear soundtracks such as “Baby Don’t You Do It” by Marvin Gaye as the result of a hapless purchaser who found extensive dry rot in a house’s floors. Similarly “It’s Raining Men” by the Weather Girls proved to be an amusing soundtrack for the house where the roof had extensive leaks, but since then things have become out-of-hand’.

‘For instance on yesterday’s morning edition, the little known “Why did you buy that shit-tip you f*cking moron?” was played after an unfortunate purchaser became the owner of a dilapidated property he hadn’t even viewed before buying, and that was then followed by the equally unknown “Hey knobhead, that’ll cost you millions” to accompany a two-bed flat purchase in Derby.

Mr Hunter admitted he ‘Was sceptical that these newer soundtracks really existed as genuine songs, and he suspected they were being produced by the programme’s increasing desperate presenter Martin Roberts.

When contacted Mr Roberts denied that he was responsible for the composition of these newer and previously unknown songs, but asked for the conversation to be terminated as he was just listening to the end of one of his favourite ditties titled “Know it, I f*cking wrote it”.

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