Woman admits not using wishbone win to wish for a better 2021 for the world


After winning the majority of the wishbone at Christmas dinner, Jane, 33, from Coventry, has had to admit she didn’t wish for a better 2021 for everyone in the world.

‘I said “not telling” at the time but over a week later it’s become glaringly obvious that my wish wasn’t for the end of division in the world and the immediate cessation of the Coronavirus’, revealed Jane.

‘It was so awkward when the boyfriend and I were watching the news on New Year’s Day’, she continued. ‘It was just bad news after bad news, and all that after the suffering caused by the BBC’s The Big New Year’s In the night before. I could feel his eyes on me, judging me.’

When asked what she did wish for, Jane was still too ashamed to say, but that the Gary Barlow 2021 tour was still currently going ahead as planned did offer a small clue.

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