Julian Assange put in a mysterious ‘Tier 6’ lockdown


Despite avoiding extradition to the US, Mr. Assange has been denied bail on the grounds that he has not been tortured enough. Instead, he will experience a level of Covid lockdown normally reserved for Bellatrix Lestrange and the Count of Monte Cristo.

He had already been held in captivity since 2019 with no charges pending, awaiting Belmarsh Prison finding a way to freeze him in carbon. The British Government insisted that Mr. Assange was part of a clinically vulnerable group, specifically because the CIA plans to assassinate him.

Prior to his imprisonment he had been in hiding for seven year, only for Keir Starmer (as DPP) to fast-track his extradition – the only time Sir Keir had ever moved swiftly without the aid of a focus group. His supporters claim he is being held indefinitely for having exposed international criminality, but others say it because schools can no longer sit GCSEs.

Said a UK lawyer: ‘Covid lockdown rules are very simple; if you embarrass the US you are in a bubble of one for 20-30 years’. Given the rampant levels of Covid in UK Prisons and Mr. Assange’s dwindling health, there is a concern that he would be safer outside of prison; to which one guard replied bleakly: ‘Well, that’s the point’.

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