‘I weep for democracy in America,’ says Kim Jong-un


The supreme leader of North Korea has announced he’s distraught at the scenes of chaos which spilled out on the streets of Washington last night.
Kim Jong-un said he was fervently hoping that one day the US would learn to be as civilised as his own country.
“Clearly on the evidence of the last 24 hours the Americans have a long way to go before they’re able reach that high standard,” he noted.
“I do hope my dear friend Donald Trump, you know the fat bloke with the stupid hair who called me Little Rocket Man, doesn’t feel too embarrassed at the disgraceful scenes that took place on his watch.”
His sentiments were echoed by Russia’s president Vladimir Putin who said: “So America likes to tell other countries how they should behave, really? I’ve seen better behaved animals at Moscow Zoo.”
Mr Putin added he was deeply disappointed at Mr Trump. “I spent so much time and effort rigging the 2016 election so that he could get into the White House, and for what? Trump ends up being a one term president who can’t even control of a bunch of rednecks, what was the point of that?”


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