Anti-democracy campaigners storm parliament


In unprecedented scenes that challenge the very bedrock of our democracy, an organised mob of pro-EU supporters have swarmed over Westminster and driven our elected legislature from the Houses of Parliament.
Shocking and iconic scenes of a bare-chested and heavily tattooed Gina Miller, her face painted with blue and gold stars, bedecked with a horned buffalo headdress and screaming at the skies for vengeance and justice, have captured front pages across the world.
After gathering in Parliament Square, the crowd worked themselves to a frenzy chanting the words to ‘Ode to Joy’, as well as slogans like ‘Take Our Fish’ and ‘Make Passports Maroon Again’. Then, after a spittle-spraying haranguing from Sir Dominic Grieve the crowd seemed to spontaneously surge towards the Queen’s Tower. The heavy police presence, armed only with riot shields, mace sprays and Heckler & Koch submachine guns, wisely gave way in the face of the torrent of butthurt vegan snowflakes surging towards them, and they instead focussed on evacuating the building of deeply shocked civil servants and MPs.
Photographers hiding in the public gallery were able to capture Grieve lounging in the speaker’s chair, holding the Common’s mace aloft, and a particularly poignant picture of Peter Mandelson striding through the Lord’s Chamber with the EU battle flag resting on his shoulder.
The Mayor of London elected not to call a curfew, instead tweeting a brief video offering his love, understanding and appreciation to the crowd. He did point out that the BBC had a really good panel discussion on what the European Courts of Justice have done for us all that was starting soon, and if they got a wriggle on they’d be home in time to catch it, and with that, the crowd rapidly dispersed.

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