A song for Priti to the tune of Pretty Woman!


Priti Patel, walking to Down..ing Street
Priti Patel, she’s not the kind you’d like to meet
Priti Patel I don’t believe you, you’re not the truth
No one could lie as good as you….Mercy! (please).

Priti Patel won’t you pardon me?
Priti Patel, (please) don’t hit me
Priti Patel, stop terror..ising me.
Are you lonely just like me..


Priti Patel, just stop a while
Priti Patel, could you go the extra mile
Priti Patel, don’t give your Fake smile to me
Priti Patel, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…

Priti Patel, keep away from me
Priti Patel, say you’ll help the refugeee..
Cause they need you, treat them all right.
Come to me, baby, be mine to..night.

Priti Patel, don’t walk on by
Priti Patel, don’t make your staff cry
Priti Patel, just walk from office today ..Okay
as that’s the way it must be…Okay.

Oh she’s talking back to me
Yeah..she’s talking back to me

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