Mum told her cake almost as good as ‘shop bought’ not feeling the compliment


A familial moment of solidarity has descended into chaos, after the faint praise for a Three-Layer Berry Victoria Sponge, was seen as a slap in the face for the baker of said item. Mum has stated, in no uncertain terms, that she feels aggrieved that four hours of baking was greeted by mumbles of ‘it’s okay, I suppose’, ‘alright’ and ‘not bad’.

The icing on the cake, no pun intended, was one member of the family likening it to being almost as delicious as a Mr. Kipling Angel Slice. Apparently baking something with love, is no substitute for additives and artificial colourings.

Dad replied, from the comfort of his armchair: ‘We kept our side of the bargain, we watched Mum spend hours cooking the cake, we ate the cake and then we said it was nice. What more were we supposed to do? Validate her feelings? It’s just cake. Now, what’s for dinner?’

A frustrated Mum said: ‘It was nice. Nice? Honestly, why do I bother?’ To which the family shrugged and said ‘dunno’. Concluded Mum: ‘This family was almost as good as a real one’.

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