£30 food packs awarded Nobel Prize for Economics


In something of a break with tradition a private company has been awarded the 2021 Nobel Prize for Economics.

The company, which has begged not to be named, is a prominent donor to the Conservative Party, which happens to own the government at the moment. (The UK Government is owned in rotation by the Conservative and Labour parties, rather like a dog after an amicable divorce).

“The business model is brilliant”, said Professor Jones of the University of Oxbridge. “It’s an almost perfect money-laundering scheme. First the taxpayer is taxed, then a very tiny percentage of that money is top-sliced and paid out to companies providing food parcels. The parcels have a nominal value of £30 but they might only contain, say, £5 worth of food. Think of those Lucky Bags you used to buy when you were a kid.

“Then the company making the profit top-slices their profits and gives a very tiny percentage to the Conservative Party as a ‘donation’. Brilliant. Probably legal, virtually undetectable and everybody is a winner. Apart from the hungry children, obviously”.

NewsBiscuit has launched an inquiry into this story as it isn’t funny.

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