Woman not buying ‘Grammarly’ no matter how many times its advert pops up


Aanya Laghari (36) is resolutely fighting against the collapse of civilization and chirpy reminders that her life would be transformed if only she could spell better. The invasive nature of adverts for ‘Grammarly’ means that Aanya is now spending 27% of her day frantically clicking skip advert, while some hipster millennial – with perfect teeth – tells her to use more apostrophes.

In a world where nobody tucks their shirt in or wears a tie, Grammarly boasts that you too can work in a tech-start up, with breeze blocks for furniture. Every job application will be greeted by success because you now know what a fronted adverbial is – and the global pandemic and recession are just by-products of pronoun disagreements.

In its adverts, every working environment has the kind of diversity you only see in focus group or a packet of fruit loops. Growled Aanya: ‘The, oh so amusing, irony of ‘Grammarly’ using a made up word to describe itself is so f$cking adorable I could scream!’

Popping up more regularly than herpes, Grammarly is redefining the word annoying and probably spelling it differently at the same time. Said Aanya: ‘Spell this, suck my $%£^^*&^^^& and my big hairy $^&$%$$^**^%$%$%^&^*(*)!!!’

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