NewsBiscuit guide to lockdown worker statuses


Language teachers – Qui workers

Rock musicians – Quo workers

Pound shop assistants – Quid workers

Dockers – Quay workers

Comedians – Quip workers

Spanish Hotel Waiters- Que workers

Accupuncturists – Chi workers

Computer game designers – Wi workers

Chester boatbuilders – Dee workers

Nightclub doorstaff – Queue workers

Curry restraunteers – Ghee workers

Golf professionals – Tee workers

Scottish elves – Wee workers

Rollercoaster operators – Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. workers

Shit 70s pop stars – Kiki Dee workers

French aristocrats – Flee workers

Toilet attendants: Pee workers

Apiarists: Bee workers

Gender reassignment surgeons: He to she workers

Dog groomers: Flea workers

Scruffy, unhygienic staff: Manky workers

Green keepers: Tee workers

Distillery staffs: Whisky workers

Staff who ignore elfinsafety or isolation rules: risky workers

Swiss-born German expressionist artists: Klee workers

Furniture removal – To me, to me workers

Butlins red coats – Hokey Cokey workers

Elderly care – now where did I leave my key workers

Timpsons – key workers

Brexiteers: Me, me, me workers.

Volcanologists – Scree workers

edants-Apostrophe’ workers

Swordsmen-Epee workers

Judges-Decree workers

Tory Ministers – key wankers

Racist gamblers – eenie meenie workers

Native American building contructors – teepee workers

Male prostitutes – hankie workers


Hat tips to: Sinnick, Myke, Rowly, SteveB, Al OPecia, Titus, Sydalg

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