Creators of viral posts ‘just needed a hug’


Scientists studying social media nonsense have concluded that most content creators ‘just need a hug’.

“It was pretty sad, really” said Dr Anthony Jones of the University of Oxbridge. “One we looked at was an actor who posted a picture of himself with a fake exemption lanyard and an anti-mask slogan. Lonely. Another was a post claiming to be from a scientist who said that Covid didn’t exist. We tracked that one down to a barely-educated bloke in Birmingham whose girlfriend left him a year ago. Desperately lonely, and a bit smelly”.

Almost every example of social media gibberish was eventually traced back to a socially isolated person who would have been better off shutting his laptop down and visiting a friend.

“They get their validation from the size of the response, even if it’s negative”, explained Dr Jones. “These are society’s invisible men – without the shitstorm they can cause online they’re nothing. Most were single, several were unemployed and/or unemployable. The sole exception was an orange American with a supermodel wife who has, until recently, held a very high-powered role. Remarkably, his social media outbursts stopped at the same time as he lost his job. I’m concerned that he might go on a serial killing spree to get the bile out of his system. That would be considered a normal outlet in America”.

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