Hypocrite Rees Mogg has pond full of koi carp


Leader of the House, reanimated Victorian corpse and life-size ventriloquist puppet, Jacob Rees Mogg, has been called a hypocrite by Labour after it was discovered that he has a pond full of koi carp at his Somerset mansion.

The exotic fish, which it is believed by some, were not even born in this country, have been allowed to live rent free in the grounds of his Ston Easton house for the last five years, merely for the amusement of his children.

Shadow Immigration Minister, Holly Lynch, told our reporter, “It’s hypocritical and a disgrace. Mr Rees Mogg has blatantly ignored his own Brexit rules concerning the importing of fish and quite frankly, it’s another example of one rule for the Tories and another rule for everyone else. These illegal aquarium seekers are living in a pond in which British fish, forced to live in inadequate, often damp, bowls, could be living.”

A spokesperson for the Rees Moggs said, “This is ridiculous. How did you get this number? Don’t telephone again or I shall contact the police.”

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