‘Choose your own Brexit’ – the TV show


Following her victory in the House of Commons and a determined resilience against what experts worldwide are calling an acute lack of self-awareness, Theresa May is said to be currently in talks with Netflix over a new Choose Your Own Adventure style TV series.

Pitched as an interactive psychological thriller, Choose Your Own Brexit will see the general public faced with various choices and pathways that will ultimately frame the government’s Plan B Brexit deal. The data harnessed from these choices will be processed by a renowned data analytics firm to formulate a plan for Brexit as mandated by the people and as delivered by the people without having to take it back to the people – data which has hitherto been unavailable to the Prime Minister, as a result of which she has had only her incompetence to rely on so far in negotiations.

Described as a life-changing adventure with multiple endings, Choose Your Own Brexit is already set to be a masterpiece, with critics hailing it a mind-baffling tale with zero answers. Leaked footage showing Theresa May in private talks with Producers from Netflix, which has seen Jeremy Corbyn thrown once again into the spotlight for the controversial way in which he appears to not be a part of this footage.

‘It will be a non-linear tale that will take viewers on multiple adventures and alternate universes,’ the Prime Minister’s spokeswoman explained. ‘They’ll even get the choice to go back and redo their choice if it doesn’t align with the PM’s plan’.

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s new plan, Tony Blair took a break from his job of advising dictatorships to congratulate Theresa May: ‘Of course I was the first to use this process, offering the public the choice between evidence for going to war and no evidence. They opted for no evidence’.

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