Man enters third day of BBC Customer survey


Colin Simmonds, 47, of Braintree, has just entered the record books as he started his third day of completing the latest BBC customer satisfaction survey.

“I wasn’t really thinking straight,” he told our reporter. “I was on the i-player thing watching Match of the Day and this box pops up and asks if I have a few minutes to complete a survey. I was waiting for the match to start and so I thought, why not. I was lulled into a false sense of security as the pop up box was blocking the glare from Alan Shearer’s head.”

“Then I started. and it just kept going. The first couple of hundred questions were quite easy. I just had to click numbers from 1 to 10, saying if I was satisfied with the service provided. I was hooked. My wife went to bed and when she got up the next morning I was still doing it.”

“Then it asked if I would recommend it to a friend, so I said clicked “yes”. Then they wanted to know who he was, where he worked, where he lived, how good a friend he was, what he thought of Eastenders, Songs of Praise, Antiques Roadshow, and on a scale of screwdriver to lawnmower, how generous he was. I’m trapped.”

A spokesperson for the BBC told us “We send our deepest sympathy to Mr Simmonds and his family. We’ve no idea how long he could be doing this. Nobody has ever even started one of those before.”

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