Passports Now Used Exclusively to Accept Amazon Booze Deliveries


Passports used to be utilised to travel to holiday destinations, to visit relatives or go to business meetings in far flung destinations. Now the sole use of the bookish rectangles of identity proof is to be shown to Amazon delivery drivers prior to accepting another yet booze delivery. Last week it was toffee flavoured vodka, this week passion fruit liqueur, perhaps next week will be mango flavoured rum.

Passports used to live in a special place upstairs with leftover currency (remember coins and notes? How quaint!) but now live tucked behind a pile of post with a face mask on top on the little shelf by the front door. Delivery drivers sometimes attempt a spot of flattery when viewing your birth date but this is becoming increasingly sarcastic sounding as the nation has prematurely aged due to being discombobulated by the speed of change in our everyday lives. Cheers!

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Posted: Jan 24th, 2021 by

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