Dad loses it as daughter is better aim with snowballs


A Romford dad who encouraged his 7 year-old daughter to “come outside for a snowball fight” this morning, has flown into what was described as a “gammon-like rage” when it transpired that his daughter was a much better shot than him.

Tony Butterworth, 34, thought it would be a ‘delightful’ idea if he and his 7 year old daughter, Tamsin, ‘frolicked in the snow’ in this morning’s winter wonderland, believing that they would laughingly throw powdery tufts of snow at each other before cuddling and giggling together in a tender moment of love and affection.

“But it was carnage,” fumed Butterworth later, nursing a black eye and cauliflower ear.

“She just seemed to get the much-fabled the Eye of the Tiger and I caught the first one on the side of the head. My ear filled with blood and as I turned to admonish her, in came a flurry of well-aimed head-shots.

“At one point I thought I was surrounded.”

“Once I had a chance to catch my breath, behind number 7’s Landrover Discovery, I was livid. And a bit teary.

“I let out a tirade of snotty expletives as her mum led her into the house, giggling.

“It turns out that she had been lacing the snowballs with ice – everyone knows that’s out of order. So she’s grounded for a week and I’ve confiscated her unicorn playset that she got for Christmas. No one makes a fool out of me.”

Mr Butterworth’s neighbours, who managed to watch the whole affair, disagreed.



Steve Blair

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