Mainstream comedian doubling down on ‘everything is fine’ narrative


Delivering an ‘edgy’ routine celebrating the integrity of the press, one comedian was disheartened to be accused of ‘selling out’. Speaking from his Grade 1-listed, Georgian mansion, the unnamed entertainer insisted he was still in touch with the common man – particularly the one who was busy installing his new wine cellar.

If anything, he complained, good comedic material was hard to come by these days: ‘Trump’s gone, which means there’s no more injustice in the world. You know, I had this great gag about Trump being orange and talking funny – it was really satirical – but now all our politicians are completely competent and beyond reproach’.

Having secured a six-figure contract with the BBC, he did not feel the need to do routines about wealth inequality or institutional bias. He insisted, that in an era of pandemics, it is reassuring to know that we have nothing to complain about and even if we did, there’s always Mrs Brown’s Boys to take your mind off it.

He reasserted that he had not sold out, as all three of his Rolls Royces were paid off in full: ‘I will always speak truth to power. People who are gluten intolerant need to have their struggle told. Oops, sorry, that’s Truth to Flour’.

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